Embracing your future produces needed results

A common saying goes thus ‘forward ever, backward never’: such is how a person that desires advancement should think, always.

In the journey of lifechallenges that could force one’s hands off the pursuit of vision will always hit hard but if anyone could hold-on, tightly, to the future gazing at him/her – the so much desired changes will come.

Looking at the life of Job (in the Bible), after much suffering, he was still hopeful in God to say, “If a man dies, shall he live again? All the days of my warfare and service I will wait, till my change and release shall come. [John 5:25; 6:40; I Thess. 4:16.]”, Job 14:14, AMP.

Job experienced some kind of troubles that no man (on earth) would ever pray for, even though that God would want to boast of that person’s integrity as He boasted of Job’s. Yet, Job was full of hope, and in the above passage we could deduce something from his statement – ’as long as I am alive, my situation will change’.

What you see produces what you say

It is pathetic to, always, think about death – anytime you are facing challenges in life (sorry about the rashness of that statement).

Although, some  situations are neck-wrenching, but there is nothing (in this  world) worth losing  hope on, by wishing yourself  death every time – more so that such  habit will not produce the needed  results by much  thoughts.

Similarly, the thoughts of success (bringing the feelings of the future breakthroughs into now) should be what fill your mind all the time, while deploying every legal mean to achieving your desired results. This is why God is needed in everyone’s life. What we are telling you to live by is hope, which cannot do without faith.

Imagine what Charles Capps says, “When the sick come into a prayer line, they hope to be healed. If they didn’t have hope, they wouldn’t come for prayer. Since faith is the substance of things hopes for, then there must be some hope, or there wouldn’t be anything for faith to give substance to”.[1]

As a result of the above statement, if you want your results to come, you got to start living by faith and be hopeful: even, the world system recognises the importance of hope in keeping the bodysoul and spirit (together until the needed changes surface) – it uses the world optimism’ for it.

Detract from the past, your future will come

The future we are talking to you about is nothing like some years to come. Rather, it is the season of your much anticipated changes.

Also, the change that you need in life remains the future for you, until you have it. As a result, you must separate yourself from everything that could be holding you back.

Check your values, check the people you hangout with, check your thought processes, check the use of your time, check your spending spree, check your relationship with God, check your disposition to life, check how prepared you are for any opportunities that might show up, check your relationship with people around youyou may, also, need to put checks on the things that are common in your lineage (try to realise the root{s} of their existence) and be determined to change whatever is not good for the future that you need – from your time.

Lastly, the Bible teaches us to be diligent in our businesses because the chance that each of us have is for a lifetime (Ecclesiastes 9:10). Your diligence will, definitely, bring you before great men and your changes shall come to you (speedily).


[1] Charles, Capps, Hope a Partner to Faith, Pg 2.

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