Editor’s Note: Issue 13 of Hierarchy Magazine

Kaboom!… We are here, even though it seemed, along the line, that we might not be releasing this edition of our publication.

Thankfully, we could boast that God provided us a way of escape, so that the Issue 13 is not missed at this time: I am so glad to be meeting you again, after a long break – since August, this year.

How have you been? Should I believe that you are no longer where you used to be? Are you sincerely happening to life and not that life has happened to you?

Whatever be the case, I want to tell you that there are stupendous reasons to be thankful to God for: this is the Eleventh Month in the year 2017, and we are (both) alive to witness it – glory! Then, we must be able to say (despite the prevalent circumstances) that ‘blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who hath blessed us with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ’.

As long as we are alive, there is great hope for us: the so much anticipated desires will come speedily, in Jesus name.

This time, we have what I could call ‘too loaded to miss contents’ in this edition of Hierarchy Magazine. Do not afford to break away from following, reading, commenting and sharing all the articles with your friends, contacts, relations/relatives and colleagues – by that, you will be a source of blessing to them all.

Without wasting much time, I will like to present to you, the headlines of all the articles compiled in this Issue – after which I will inform you of the recent in OLEM EDGE GLOBAL CONCEPT.


·       Is there need to defend gospel truth?

·       Being shining light in evil permeated world

·       How to work out your salvation with fear, trembling


Monitoring hate speech isn’t clampdown on freedom of speech


·       What makes song becomes gospel music?

·       Impacts of quality, spirit filled music ministry

·       Time to appreciate Thomas Edison’s contributions to entertainment

Events’ Diary

Photo Speaks: October 2017, Higher Ground Rally

General Stories

·       You need mentorship, not role models

·       Reasons to set your feet on self discovery path

·       You don’t have to follow protocols to fulfill purpose


·       Please, stick to any medication prescriptions you’ve

·       Helping your children have good, healthy living

·       How to help your oldies enjoy their time


Lot of price to pay to perform along known artistes – Necole Coker

Press Release

Registration commences for our Media Communication training, 2018 sessions


·       This age requires planning number of children to rear

·       Always learn to hear from God for your intimate relationship

·       How long should your courtship last?


Nigerian heroes, heroines who uplift humanity

I want to believe that you like to read. Therefore, I implore you to read all the articles that we have put together – this edition: you might, also, find Past Issues to be of interest to you, please, read them if you would.

We are in the season of preparations for the 2018 Sessions of our Media Communication Training, and I want you to know that registration has commenced, already.

However, you stand a chance of a scholarship into this training, simply by registering for and attending Leadership Ethics Conference , #LEC, 2017 – which holds on November 18, 2017.

Similarly, we are (at the moment) giving 20% Discounts on all our services, except our communication training – between Nov 8 – Dec 20, 2017. Please, take advantage of this window before it closes.

As you know, we do scholarly publications: we do not just bring any contents to you – out of the blues. These articles will tremendously bless your life before we could meet again, next year – for Issue 14.

I bid you Godspeed; please, be safe and be socially responsible as we journey through the remaining days of this year, 2017. By God’s grace, we shall (all) crossover into 2018 hale and hearty.


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