Always learn to hear from God for your intimate relationship

Hearing from God is a crucial aspect of Christianity; it must be a consistent experience of every Christian – not, only, for choosing a life partner but for complete guidance in the journey of life.

As we have, always maintained, nobody should start to hear from God the moment he/she sees someone that interests him/her as a marriage partner. No! that will be a fire brigade approach.

Rather, hearing from God should have started during the waiting periods, and (of course) – how each person is led into his/her relationship will be, totally, different from other people’s experiences.

In Isaiah 30:21, the Bible says, “Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, “This is the way; walk in it””, NIV.

The truth is that, God is interested in every aspect of your life: He will like to lead you, if you could allow Him.

Why hearing from God is good for a healthy relationship, marriage

Being straight here, certain individuals have started to deceive Christian sisters. Recently, at LIFE Theological Seminary, it was narrated – how people from other religions had started to join churches, framed being born again to catch their desired Christian sisters. Then, after one or two children have entered the marriage – the so called brothers would turn around and declare that there would be no more going to church or any Christian activities in the home: henceforth, other religion is what they would, then, be practicing.

Evil people! This is one of the reasons why not only brothers should be able to hear from God – these days, but sisters also.

What about an impotent brother that wants to enter marriage just to cover shame and not because he believes that God would cure his impotency? Only for the sister that falls prey to enter the marriage with him to realise that the brother is, practically, sexually dead: evil mind!

People can go to any length to deceive you. Therefore, learn to hear from God on situations.

Although, it is not that being led into a relationship will, totally, make everything smooth without the efforts of the two people involved, as if life is a bed of roses: no, but it will save you from heartaches in marriage. Also, note that when God leads you into a relationship, there is tendency for it to break up if either or the two of you do not contribute to its growth.

When you are led by God or when you hear from him – leading you into a relationship, then you will not be looking for your partner in a wrong person or place (no matter the beauty or handsomeness).

According to Billy Joe Daugherty, right relationships only happen in the right places:

You must go to the right places to establish right relationships. It amazes me that people will go to a bar looking for a husband or a wife. Then, when the marriage doesn’t work out, they wonder why.

When some people have major problems in their life that have not been solved and you hook up with them, you simply multiply your problems. Some people get into relationships out of the wrong motivation. For those considering marriage, you should become related with someone of the opposite sex in a friendship relationship first on the basis of your mutual pursuit of Jesus Christ rather than on the basis of a romantic relationship or a physical attraction.[1]

Would be benefits of hearing from God over a marriage partner

1.  You will not be led by your mind or lustful desires.

2.  You will not hook up with a person that will frustrate God’s plans over your life.

3.  You will be able to serve God with peace of mind, especially when you are married.

4.  You will have godly security of your marriage (since you and your partner will keep watching out for each other).

5.  The future of your children will be glorious, meaningful and impactful.

While the above are not all the benefits, we are of the opinion that they will be evident in your marriage when you marry the person that God leads you into relationship with.

[1] Billy, Joe Daugherty, Building Quality Relationships, Pg5.

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