This age requires planning number of children to rear

Those that have been consistent with us will know that we, often, deal with issues like this: it appears that young generations of couples, though not all, are not learning from their forebears.

It appears that couples, who have been married for seven years and above, have the tendency to keep shooting for children – if they did not have any delay issue.

In that light, we want to talk (specifically) to guys in this article, especially, those that are yet to marry: it should be stated that we are not forcing the points raised in this write-up down the throats of anyone, but we have a Social Responsibility to keep up with. Hence, the need for us to talk.

Unarguably, the Bible denotes multiplication of family, and that is a ground on which the oldies keep giving birth to children. “Then God blessed them and said, “Be fruitful and multiply. Fill the earth and govern it. Reign over the fish in the sea, the birds in the sky, and all the animals that scurry along the ground””, Genesis 1:26, NLT.

Again, we need to state that we are not denouncing the biblical statement above. If any man thought it good to uphold the view of that statement – so be it, good for him and his wife.

However, the word of God does not forbid one from determining the number of children he/she wants to have – it, only, commands fruitfulness and multiplication which, we believe, are (much more) achieved by giving out children in marriage, than when a particular family is just giving birth to children – unabated.

Guys, sense is needed in this area

We appeal that you should not feel insulted, but common sense is not common, and you should not be among those that do not have it: do not, also, be among those that have it but refuse to use it.

Embrace family planning: talk to your doctor for the safety of your wife, and for your own stability.

The type of joyful family that you should long for is described by Billy Joe Daugherty – using his family:

Joy is the unmistakable evidence of Christianity. It cannot be manufactured. You can’t “can” it, and you can’t get it in a can. Some people try to shoot it into their arms, but joy comes from a relationship with Jesus Christ. That joy needs to be in the home throughout the day, at the dinner table, when you are getting ready for the day in the morning or getting ready for bed at night.

Our home is a place of fun and laughter, but it’s that way because of a decision. We realise how important it is, and we enjoy each other.[1]

There can, only, be joy in any family (no matter the highness of spirituality of everyone in there) if the mother – in the house, was in good health. Throw her sound health out of the window, and every other thing will be chaotic.

This is because too many pregnancies, abortions or child births change a whole lot in a woman’s emotional stability. According to Aunindita Bhatia in an article, 15 Ways Having Babies Too Close Together Hurts the Body, it was said that frequent, unspaced pregnancies impact the woman negatively.

“Pregnancy and childbirth is an experience that requires lots of time for recovery. Some women take years to recover from certain complications. To assume that a woman can simply pop out a baby and redo the experience again months after is just insane!” She said.

She was, also, of the opinion that, “It leaves no chance for the body to recover and for the woman to be emotionally stable again and eligible to make such a decision based on facts rather than emotions. Even when it is well-calculated, the gap between kids could be devastating for the mother if it was not enough for her to recover the first birth”.[2]

The question is, therefore, do you value the life of your partner?

Go into marriage with your mind made up

Do not conform to the general belief and life style around you: let your background inspire you on the type of decision to make.

Above all, the life of your wife is valuable, and you must treat it as such – so, know that marriage is not a baby factory ground.

[1] Billy, Joe Daugherty, Seven Keys to Family Power, Pg9.

[2] Aunindita, Bhatia, 15 Ways Having Babies Too Close Together Hurts the Body.

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