Editor’s Note: Issue 14 of Hierarchy Magazine

Hey! I guess I am the most joyful person in the world: the happiness that runs within me (this quarter) in immeasurable – due to the fact that we are able to overcome our challenges.

Zoom… to God be the glory; great things He has done. Although, this Issue 14 should have been out since the beginning of this month, but then, I thank God that it is (finally) here – please, take your time to read and digest the contents brought to you in it.

As you know, the contents of our publication are tailored towards the Social Responsibility of our organisation, OLEM EDGE GLOBAL CONCEPT: we pursue to see Social Responsibility and the concern to reduce Social Vices become the order of the day, hence, we release contents that tilt towards that on quarterly basis.

As a matter of fact, we have a lot (in our organisation) to be grateful for. However, in a nutshell – I will just say that ‘we started this year, 2018, in a good way’: it is awesome to know that God is with us.

One of the things that you will notice ( starting from this edition) is that we have deployed the use of first person narrative over the usual third person narrative common with us. This is to encourage members of the public to write for us, based on their areas of interest – from the list of beats that our publication covers.

I will like to introduce the contents available in this edition – to you, hoping that you will find them useful as usual:


–     2019, All eyes on you Mr. President


–     It’s more important to do than teaching God’s word

–     Jesus Christ will come again, you’ve choices

–     There is an authority that sits us above spiritual wickedness


–     Kind of mum every child needs

–     King Wadada’s song is what we need now

Event’s Diary

–     Photo Speaks: January 2018 Higher Ground Rally

General Stories

–     Don’t back down for naysayers

–     Every legal profession can build a nation

–     It’s not bad if no child takes up your business


–     Don’t let your mouth bring calamities into your body

–     Keep on the good health habits that you’ve

–     Reasons children should now be trained in self-defence


–     Be original not to allow background affect your intimate relationship

–     Don’t play with the heart you won’t claim

–     Reasons to avoid deflating your man’s ego


–     Salute to Cameroonian footballer, Rigobert Song

–     Uniqueness of the continents of the earth

–     Various sports, their selling points

Should you have questions or clarifications to make on any of the contents published, please, do not hesitate to post your comments: this will help other readers to have more information at their fingertips.

How we can serve you?

I wish to remind you that OLEM EDGE GLOBAL CONCEPT is a Media Consulting Firm, as such – we can provide these media services (when you need them).

In a nutshell, I believe, strongly, that this edition will be a blessing to you – just like the past ones.

More so, let me remind you, earnestly, as we go to the polls in 2019 – that, you must not exchange your votes with any form of gratification. If any politicians offer you money in order to get your vote, please, collect their money; collect their gift items, but vote for credible candidates. After all, the money they are giving (for votes) are stolen funds – so, collect them from them, but do not vote for them.

Rather, vote for candidates that do not offer you any gifts, because they have no reason to steal our money in order to pay back the ones spread about during campaigns.

Have you got your personal voter’s card yet? If not, please, do everything within your power to secure your own before the registration and collection closes: enough of retrogression that we have been having in our political climate, in Nigeria.

It is my prayer that, after 2019 General Elections, Nigeria will remain strong, united and prosperous; that we will, all, win – for the common good.

God bless Nigeria.

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