Editorial: 2019, All eyes on you Mr. President

Beginning from August 18, 2018, the atmospheric condition of Nigeria will (politically) change due to the commencement of party primaries for the Presidential, Governorship, Federal and State Elections.

Indeed, it will be the beginning of serious display of attitudes, power tussle between party members, muscling of oppositions by various incumbent candidates, and the emergence of underdogs – bent on snatching power at all costs.

As it stands, every General Election period is a tensed season in Nigeria until our politicians are able to jettison the politics of ‘divide and rule’ as well as, that of ‘bloodletting’ – with ‘stomach infrastructural governance’.

However, with God and the determinations of the good people across the states of the Federation, Nigeria will outlive any facet of her troubled times: yet, many decisions to make Nigeria strong, united and prosperous (beyond 2019) now lay within the Presidency.

The President, Mr. Muhammadu Buhari, had (since last year) become subject of displeasure, even from some of his die-hard supporters in 2015 – owing to the fact that nepotism, corruption and slaughtering are on the rampage under his watch without substantive solution.

The obvious perception of the present federal administration (by those displeased by its manner of conduct) is that ‘it is now fighting corruption with corruption’ after series of successful battle against corrupt individuals – this claim is hinged on various things like: appointment of incompetent, and reinstatement of corrupt individuals; nepotism and lopsidedness of anticorruption war; cluelessness of his administration; indecisiveness on protective measures against incessant attacks on lives and properties of Nigerians my Fulani herdsmen; and increased poverty in the land.

While the President may be said to be doing all within his power to bring sanity into the political system and all sectors of the economy, it is apparent that there is no concrete stand of his administration to pull the country of her doom, but now that the general election is approaching (in 2019) – there is more than seeking reelection by the incumbent Presidency.

However, it is still the constitutional right of the President to seek reelection, but with the disappointments that the vast Nigerians are greeted with under this administration – the President’s reelection bid may yield little or no result.

Sensing the imminent failure, the Presidency (because of allegiance to its political party) may result to tactics to win the 2019 election – at all costs by using the power of incumbency (which used to be a common phenomenon in Nigerian politics until the last Goodluck Ebele Jonathan administration decided to jettison power play), and fusion of fear into the Nigerian populace by the use of unfounded and ambiguous ‘hate speech’ menace – not covered by the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (promulgated) Decree 1999, but aimed at limiting how the citizenry could express their dissatisfactions against the ruling party.

No way! As every concerned citizen has the right to freedom of expression and the press under Chapter IV – Fundamental Rights, Section 39 of the 1999 Constitution (as amended 2011). However, such expressions of any individual should not have slanderous, libelous, defamatory or incitement tendencies against the person of any public office holders, especially, that of the Presidency and the State Governors.

Yet, rather than intensifying electoral education in the country, the federal government is aiming at coercing the masses from venting their displeasures via any means – forgetting that the same thing was done against the ousted former administration of Goodluck Jonathan.

Unless the Buhari administration corrects its anomalies (on time) before going to the poles it should forget having the upper-hand in the 2019 General Elections, because no one knows ‘how late is too late’.

Notwithstanding, whether APC wins or another party does – the important thing is that there should be free and fair elections (without interference from the ruling party), rule of law and order, and smooth transition of power (should the incumbent government lose power).

It is on this note that we will like to say that just as the world was looking at the then President Jonathan – the world is, also, now looking at you, President Buhari – to see what will be your disposition towards the 2019 General Elections: the peace of Nigeria, the most populous black nation – lies in your hand between now and May 2019.

God bless Nigeria.

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