Reasons children should now be trained in self-defence

The WordWeb Dictionary defines self-defense as, “The act of defending yourself” which implies that there is an external aggression that seeks to encroach on your goodwill, security, rights and/or concerns.

Therefore, you must take a stand or fall where you – in the face of the external aggressor(s). I do not want to paint a picture of attacks and reprisal attacks, rather, I wish to let you understand that in self-defense, you are standing against anything that seeks to undermine your rights to life, freedom and liberty.

Hence, self defense could be against what seeks to: maim you; deny you of your rights; constitute threats to your life and safety.

The self—defense I am talking about

I am particular about bullies of which, I am sure, most adults had experienced at one time or the other in their life: some children, at the present are bullied daily in school, as a matter of fact – some boys or girls have been raped (and in part – that was being bullied): imagine those girls raped were trained in self-defense? We would have lesser cases of rape, because many of them would be able to withstand the assaults on them until people would come to their rescue.

It is because of the emotional shattering experience of rape (on the victims) that I have decided to train my children, both girls and boys, the art of self-defense, in spite of the penalty of the law on ground for rapists.

Besides, I do not want my children to be intimated to the point of losing out of studies for the better future that awaits them.

Different trainings available

There are, of course, diverse trainings available on self-defense, but I wish to let you know that professionals train anyone as if the individual needs the training for a competition out there.

So, before you enroll your wards for any training, bear in mind that there is no training for becoming amateur fighter! However, there is need for you to instill values in your children not to be rowdy but to be coolheaded. In fact, the bible’s advise of training up a child in the way he should go so that when he grows up he will not depart from itis, unquestionably, applicable to the training that any of your children will be receiving.

As they are being trained in self-defense, you must, also, be training them with the word of God: else, you might be breeding street fighter(s) under your roof.

Trainings available include, but are not limited to: boxing, wrestling, karate, and special training on defense against armed persons.

A note to ponder

It is, definitely, not mandatory for you to train your children in self-defense, but I have decided to train mine, because it gives assurance that ‘while they will not be involved in denying others of their rights, no one will deny them of their rights too, except they (willfully) give it away).

So, it is a choice for every parent.

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