King Wadada’s song is what we need now

At this time, in Nigeria, when every region is tensed due to the activities of Boko Haram, Fulani Herdsmen attacks, and Political preparations ahead of 2019 General Elections – we need agents of peace.

These agents can stem from any sector of the economy, but it always feels great when they come from the Entertainment Industry. This might explain why we are having “One Love” soon from King Wadada.

The 2010 Kora Awards Africa’s best reggae crooner of the year, Austin Peter, said that he released his album to promote unity and peace in the nation.

While fielding questions from the press in Lagos, recently, he said that the album which would be launched on March 11 in Lagos was also to douse tensions across the country. Saying, “The need to douse agitations and unrest in some parts of the country by Boko Haram insurgents, IPOB, and the herdsmen prompted me to release this album titled “One Love”.

The songs in the album preach that people should do away with killings of their fellow human beings; stop hatred for each other but that they should embrace love and peace for one another.

Against the decline of morality in the entertainment industry, Wadada advised other musicians to start using their talents to inform and educate the public on the current situations in the country and their implications if not corrected.

“Music is a tool which can accurately be deployed in curbing the rising negative developments in parts of the country which can be detrimental to the peace and unity of the people if not checked,” he said.

Although, he expressed disappointments with some of the creative works of the present young musicians who sing about money, drugs and women. He, notwithstanding, says, “I am not saying that singing about women or money is bad but creating a positive image about them and preaching decency in lifestyle should be paramount in their messages.

“Youths should understand that music is a powerful tool which if deployed negatively can bring disunity, corruption and encourage other vices in a country”.

Culled from The Sun News Online.

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