Editor’s Note: Issue 15 of Hierarchy Magazine

Good day to you there – lovely readers: suffice it to say that, over this past quarter, many waters have passed under the bridge.

However, you and I are here (again); we are survivors of the many things that life had thrown at us. We are dogged, rugged and resolute to be that which God had created us to be – I, therefore, believe that we are (generally) not lazy.

Since the last edition, Issue 14, of this publication, you will agree with me that both positive and negative things had happened (around you), but the negative things that happened did not swallow you: more so, we need to look, critically, into the reason why we are preserved.

Sleeping and waking up, daily: having our health maintained in perfect conditions could not have been the results of our careful living. Rather, it must have been the work of an intelligent being – who does things beyond science and medical comprehension: there is God in the heavens, and on this – the good book reads, “Thus saith Jehovah, Heaven is my throne, and the earth is my footstool” Isaiah 66:1a, ASV.

Furthermore, only a fool or mad man will doubt that there is an invincible force behind his/her preservations… give thanks to God, always.

There is becoming a SHIFT in our dealings

Today, I am glad to announce to you that, as a living organism, our organisation is experiencing a new change (once again). We are having a redirection of focus on our online publication, Hierarchy Magazine.

You will agree with me that, from inception, this magazine has been a quarterly publication, but (henceforth) it is becoming a regular publication that is no longer limited by time or season. This, we believe, would help us to address issues as they arise.

More so, while the publication has become a regular one – the idea of the issues will remain a quarterly basis. By this, an issue will cover a period of 3 months with regular publication. For example, Issue 15 covers between May-July 2018, but then, we will be publishing contents as we have issues at hands.

Our publication beats

Over the past years, we have maintained the number of categories into which we publish our articles, geared towards achieving the sole aim of inculcating social responsibility and the concern to reduce social vices in our audience – youths and teens. These beats include:



·        EDITORIAL


·        EVENTS’ DIARY


·        HEALTH





These are beats that will, always, bless your life beyond measure (every time).

Do not forget what we can do for you

Another important thing for you to know, and remember (always) is that we are a Media Consulting Firm and you can get access to our affordable/professional services here.

Do you want to improve your image or your business image; establish a new business or increase your potentials to generate more income? It is time you talked to us.

As I draw the curtain

Dear reader, as I attempt to close my note – for this edition, I want to implore you to be resolute to makingyour country work, especially, our Nigerian readers – be committed to making Nigeria Work.

You would recall that 2019 General Elections (in Nigeria) are approaching. Therefore, please, endure the stress associated with the collection of #PVC (if you did not have yet) because, it is your Power to Vote your Choice. You cannot afford to sit on the fence, this time; you must not throw the future of your children to the dogs anymore.

When it is time to vote, please, go out and perform your civic duties.

Till we meet, again, in August Edition, please, stay safe and out of trouble.

God Bless NigeriaGod Bless You.

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