It’s not bad if no child takes up your business

A concern that is common among entrepreneurs is the thought of who inherits everything worked for: they do not, really, want the assets gotten to go to the third hands!

It is, always, like the feeling to preserve what you have by who you have, but then – such inheritance cannot be forced.

Unfortunately, a lot of things contribute to the gross probability of not having one’s child inherit the business that one starts, unless it has become so huge that requires mere coordination – as it is for the like of the Tribune Newspaper.

No child should be blamed anyway: everyone has got a destiny to pursue and no one could fashion a better destiny for any other than God, no one sees a better destiny than the person himself.

 Train up a child in the way that he should go…

The Holy Writ has said, “Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it”, Pro 22:6, NIV.

The passage above could be understood from two perspectives:

1.  Training the child to grow in the ways of the Lord – to become a better person and understand his/her relationship with God in the journey of life.

2.  Training the child to become a tangible person in life with good upbringing, education (especially), and other things that will facilitate a good decision making ability, discover him/herself and pursue own purposes on earth.

It is on the second point that parents, who are entrepreneurs, may want to miss it with their favourite children – lording the inheritance of the business upon such children, forgetting that a child has his/her own unique abilities.

 Having a relation, mostly one’s child on one’s business is great

I do not want my readers to think that it is not a good thing. Even, for a Sole Proprietorship business – it is deserving, because I know that it is what many entrepreneurs desire, but then, if it did not happen with someone that one, already, got in mind or that it does not happen (at all) – it is best to rethink, the answer might be selling off the business’ assets.

However, before we move on – let me show you the good feelings that having one’s child to take up one’s business brings, using Christ’-Church relationship as reported by Bob Sorge in his book, It’s Not Business, It’s Personal.

Jesus Himself is an outstanding businessman, actually. And He’s not interested in doing it all solo. He likes it when His Bride is at His side, doing stuff with Him. There’s all kinds of things He’s planning on doing with her. He has plans for her to rule and reign with Him forever on the earth… He has plans for her to judge angels and kings… and reclaim the stewardship and dominion of man over all the earth… She is going to be incredibly active, both during the 1,000-year reign of Christ on the earth, and thereafter in the eternal state.[1]

The feeling one has, when one’s child takes up one’s business, might be (somehow) similar to what Jesus has in plans for the church. It feels great; as a matter of fact, I have been so overwhelmed by that thought – trusting that my wife will help on that too, and I will not mind which gender is it.

Although, it will not be a compulsory thing to have – the interests of such child in the business is what I will ride upon and furnish him/her with all needed to stay afloat: yet, it is not bad if no child takes one’s business.

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