Editor’s Note: Issue 16 of Hierarchy Magazine

Hey! What’s up people?

I am elated to be meeting you again in this time of the year 2019. The last time I did this was more than a year ago: I am so glad to meet you hale and hearty, glory to God.

So what has happened to you during the break? Should I believe that you are no longer where you used to be? Excitedly, for me, I have moved at a very fast pace from where I used to be – I am, now, living in a new realm, although, more still needs to be done.

Let me apologise for leaving you alone all this while, but then necessity demands that it happened like that if there would be any reasonable advancement in OLEM EDGE GLOBAL CONCEPT, the Media Consulting Firm that I head which also publishes the Hierarchy Magazine that you so much like.

May I use this medium to salute the courage of every young person out there – trying to make things happen and keeping hope alive? You are all doing fantastically well; despite the little resources at your beck and con you keep living, making covetable strides: may the Lord bless you and make the works of your hands fruitful.

You see, this generation of young people that would succeed at anything regardless of the disadvantages all around is a mad one! The kind of madness that resides in us is out of this world because we no longer wait for the elders to invite us to the table; we invite ourselves and the elders are not finding it funny.

Therefore, on behalf of every young person like me, who is working round the clock to succeed – let every elder that has contributed to the decay in the Nigerian society shut the hell-up from calling this generation overtly ambitious and impatient; let such elder cover his/her face in shame. More so, let all elders in this category (having bastardised the opportunities for the young generations behind them) know that we are coming to remove the breaks from their legs, that we are coming to unseat them from their comforts and implant ourselves.

We are ready to take our destinies into our hands but we will not do that smiling down on anyone that has destroyed and who continues to destroy the legacy of our great country, Nigeria – only that we would not be criminal about our intentions, yet, we are coming! To take what are rightfully ours – in all sectors of the Nigerian economy.

Meanwhile, permit me to share the contents of this latest issue with you. these contents have been produced bearing our reason for existence in OLEM EDGE in mind and that is to instil social responsibility and the concern to reduce social vices in the young ones (youths and teenagers). To this end, the Issue 16 of Hierarchy Magazine contains:

·       Editorial – Use of citizen journalism to curb accidents on Nigerian roads

·       Perfect time for kingdom lifestyle is now

·       Being Christians shouldn’t make us lose common sense

·       Enduring hardship as good soldier of Christ

·       On Nicki Minaj’s retreat from music to tend family

·       Cultural: examining Nigerian problems from football perspective

·       Lack of professionalism is reason Nollywood laced with comedy

·       Stay teachable if you must remain relevant

·       Small company of faithful friends is all you need to succeed

·       How to maintain frictionless relationship with those that argue

·       How to maintain good health living in Lagos

·       Headways in cancer treatments

·       Aside from music, I dance Michael Jackson’s steps – Daniel

·       Press Release: Recent developments in our organisation

·       Be happy to walk away from intimate relationship that devalues you

In addition, let me remind you that OLEM EDGE GLOBAL CONCEPT is still viable and always ready to provide you with any of her Media Services, at the same time, you can make cool cash with us by simply referring clients to us via here. You can also advertise on Hierarchy Magazine at relatively cheap prices and duration of your choice, click here for details.

I will, personally be glad to hear from you and to be of help to you in any way possible.

Thanks for believing in us, I love you.

Emmanuel Oladipo,


Editor-In-Chief, Hierarchy Magazine,


(+234) 7013289600; 8153745017.

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