Lack of professionalism is reason Nollywood laced with comedy

I have not for once been a fan of the Nigerian movie industry, Nollywood, all because of one thing – the intentional mediocrity that permeates this section of the entertainment industry in the country.

In casting prowess, majority of the actors and actresses rate very low in script interpretations (one would notice the parchment of unrealistic scenes all through any movie produced); the characterisations by the script writers and movie producers are nothing to write home about; the storyline of a new movie is just as one of the movies produced almost 10 years ago to the point that the major differences would be the setting and the casts; and flashbacks are, mostly, depicted in sorrow and rendered in an uninspiring manner with some chords of sound at the background (so poor an industry).

Is everything that happens in Nigeria all about wife and mother-in-law’s rivalry; ritual money; prostituting by house wives; demonic attacks; and comedy among others? Movies produced by this industry seem to revolve around known territories; none is bringing a taste of the 21st Century into what they churn out to members of the general public, and I am forced to ask whether our movie producers, script writers, actors and actresses including their sponsors watch any of the movies produced by the Marvel Studios21st Century Fox, etc.

There is, always, a huge difference when one watches Jurassic Park: the Lost Kingdom; ImmortalsFlashAvengersNeed for SpeedGame of Thrones among others compared to Omoge CampusAlanumiKKKBlood Money and so on – one would notice that the Hollywood produces movies that meet globalisationwhile the Nollywood still remain in the stone age.

Pitiful, some people would say ’at least, praise what you have: after all, Rome was not built in a day!’: I beg to disagree in that human beings cast roles in Hollywood movies and the same beings cast roles in Nollywood movies but the difference is in the toolsknowledgecreativity, and researches invested into any movie. As a matter of fact, the Hollywood do not just produce movies because they want to depict the prevailing culture of their society; they produce movies for entertainment: they produce epic movies that got nothing to do with the present day life, and they produce sci-fi movies that project the future (even though such projections might never happen) but in the place of intelligence, all that the Nollywood got to offer are comedy laced movies.

To an extent, some Nigerian producers are trying but they are, only, trying in regards to HD Movies not in contents, storylines, creativities, effects, technological advancements and other interesting aspects of internationally standard movies. Funnily, many people (old and young) copy all that they see in the movies, especially, the unintelligent contents) as lifestyle and the result is evident in the fabric of the Nigerian society.

There can be more to what is offered in the Nigerian Movie Industry if the Nigerian Movie Censor Board would raise the standard of the kind of equipment used in movie production, quality of the story and the need to encourage discoveries among students through the production of science fiction movies (as opposed to witchcraft movies).

Moreover, sponsors and financiers, including government may decide to throw their weights behind the cast crew that would produce 21st Century inclined movies in order to boost rapid transformation. Nigerians deserve more and, even, better than what is offered at the present.

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