Small company of faithful friends is all you need to succeed

I want to believe that you heard the saying that ‘there is strength in number’, and yes, it is true but the truism of that statement is not applicable to every aspect of life.

Apt is the fact that your immediate environment (family) if it was not a dysfunctional one, is the best clique of people that you will ever need before considering an outsider until you have someone to marry: hence, there might be the need to evaluate your clique once you are in a marriage-intended relationship, even, the Bible says that there is a friend that stays closer than a brother, yet, be intelligent about changing your family roles in your journey of life (and also let the Holy Spirit guide you).

There is strength in a clique than large crowd

When you are starting up a project consider your immediate environment resourceful enough as long as getting them involved would not impair your progress, therefore, there is a need to invest heavily into your family because at the time of trouble – it is the family that would stick with you.

B. Daugherty explained that several years ago, it was predicted that America would go to a four-day work week, but instead, many have gone to a six-day work week, becoming workaholics because they are driven by material things which is taking away health from the American families.[1] Some people focus on social media at the expense of close friendship which, eventually, leave them stranded when they need real-time help.

Howbeit, evaluation must be a constant occurrence in your life. This is because the growth of your project (vision) would require an upscale in the number of people that you work with. So, the important thing is to know when to move from a clique into a large crowd but when you are starting up, a clique is the only bet that you have got.

Do not forget members of your clique

An irreparable mistake that you could make after your project or vision may have boomed is to abandon the people that worked with you when you operate a clique: there is no faster way to crumbling than that except for the need to separate those who work against your vision from those who support it.

To this end, what you need to do to show your appreciation to your clique is to invest in them of which J. Osteen noted that if you want your relationship to thrive, you must invest in them by being a giver rather than a taker. He advised that one should strive to make relational deposits into people’s lives, encouraging, building up and helping them to feel better about themselves.[2]

Friends can make or mar you

One of the skills that are not taught in school but which must be acquired in life is the ability to choose friends that can, positively, add to your life. These are not found in large crowds but are formed as a clique.

Furthermore, I believe you have heard that bird of the same feathers flock together (many times) – in this light, be informed that it is not possible for you to find a crowd of people that think the way you do or who are driven by the same values as you, rather, you would find that such people (who share the same values with you) are few and that only a clique could bring you closer to one another.

Meanwhile, you can use a clique to run a crowd of people, but you must not lose your focus and grip on the few faithful friends in your life if you would go faster and safe in the journey of life.

[1] Billy Joe Daugherty, Seven Keys to Family Power (Tulsa, Oklahoma: Victory Christian Centre, ePub), 9.

[2] Joel Osteen, Become a better you (USA: Free Press, 2007), 171.

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