Stay teachable if you must remain relevant

It is shocking to realise that many people once given a taste of good life begin to treat others under them as trash. More shocking is the fact that these people do not also give credence to people through whom they climb the ladder of life.

Thus, the Bible says, “Pride goes before destruction, And a haughty spirit before a fall”, Proverbs 16:18, NKJV – this passage is explicit enough on the fact that whoever is prideful would come to a sudden end, unfortunately, the spirit of pride reigns among the youth in this generation so that many of them do not know how to humble themselves in words and actions.

Meanwhile, pride has caused many people with bright future to tumble to the afterlife (prematurely) as in the case of Moses when he killed an EgyptianM. Oshibanjo narrated that there was true heroism in the act when Moses stepped down from Pharaoh’s throne to share the lot his brethren, affirming, however, that there was a great deal for Moses to learn in that his first attempt at deliverance was premature and executed in the pride of human strength[1], had it not been for God’s grace Moses might be in obscurity for the rest of his life.

Humility does not reduce you

An adage has said ‘prostrating does not equate good manner’; at the same time, humility is not about rendering eye-service to people in their presence while behind them you could shatter their lives with words from your mouth.

It, therefore, means that humility is a state of the heart: you could be humble to someone but still be able to voice your concern to him/her; you could be humble to someone and still be able to correct him/her; and you could be humble to someone and still be able to disagree with his/her view on certain things – yet, all these do not diminish the person before you.

Furthermore, humility requires that you serve under a leader and by that climb the ladder of leadership as was the case between Moses and Joshua. Again, Oshibanjo explained their story, noting that if a proper attitude exists on the part of the predecessor and his successor, the work of the group goes forward, asserting that it was so in the case of Moses and Joshua, saying that Moses had wrought well while Joshua recognises that fact and proceeded to build upon a firm foundation.[2]

Prideful or humble, your life is at stake

The Bible tells us that, “The Lord is near to those who have a broken heart, And saves such as have a contrite spirit”, Psalm 34:18, NKJV – this implies that there is high privilege for an humble person to get God’s attention than a high minded individual.

It means that when a high minded person and an humble individual, probably, get into the same trouble and at the same time, then the humble is guaranteed of his salvation (deliverance by God) while the person who is haughty might perish in his/her problem.

It is on this note that I will advise you to choose your lifestyle with care. No matter how exposed you may become, do not just relinquish humility from your life. Now, the passage above (Psalm 34:18) is not even attached to any leadership-followership relationship, rather, it is simply a principle of life which, if you could abide by it, would save you a lifetime of trouble.

[1] Matthew Oshibanjo, Ethical Issues in the Leadership Style of Moses and Its Implications for the Church Today (Nigeria: Ayodele-Niyi Comm.Press), 52, 53.

[2] Ibid, 146.

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