Having graduated from LIFE Theological Seminary, Lagos-Nigeria, the author has decided to help the Christian Church (Body of Christ) to surmount the problem of lack of people skill among church leadership that is, adversely, affecting the growth and impacts of the church in a contemporary world.

As a product of quality research from the author, the book provides facts and figures to back its claim, however, the name of the Pentecostal church that was used as case study is, deliberately, withheld for privacy concern.

Moreover, this book will help church leaders to understand the importance of people skills to church growth, as well as, helping Christian leaders, church members and workers to seek productive interpersonal relationships with one another.

For the sake of validation, sourced materials were put into footnotes within the pages of the book but at the last page listed under bibliography: this, the author believes, would aid his readers in further studies on the subject matter.

To this end, whenever you need to improve on your relationship with fellow church members – this book is the best bet for you.


Oguche, an ordained Deacon of The Foursquare Gospel Church in Nigeria who has served in various leadership positions in the body of Christ within and outside the Foursquare Denomination, is a seasoned Evangelist, Missionary, Preacher and Teacher of the word of God. A Political Scientist, Management Expert, Administrator, Ex-Banker, Risk Manager and WAEC Examiner.

He obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from the famous Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria; Professional and Academic Masters Degrees in Human Resources Management and Political Science from the Lagos State University and the University of Lagos, respectively after which he obtained a B.Th degree in Pastoral Studies from LIFE Theological Seminary, Ikorodu, Lagos, Nigeria where he now running a Master’s Degree programme: He is a member of various professional bodies such as Nigerian Institute of Management (NIM), Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria (CIBN) and Risk Managers Association of Nigeria (RIMAN).

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