Victim recounts ordeals with hackers on money-doubling deals

+ Pictorial evidences of transactions, proofs money-doubling is scam

All started on the 9th of July 2020 when the victim, who is both a friend and client of OLEM EDGE sent in a message saying, “Hello Sir. Good evening, please my Facebook account has just been hacked this night”.

Admittedly, this news greeted us with surprise because it was unexpected. It was like a man who was not ready to father a child getting the news that his woman has took in, how does such a man always react? Shocked!

Then a conversation ensued between us as stated below:

Hierarchy Magazine – Wow! Do we need to remove your account from having control on your business Facebook page?

Victim – Yes Sir, and I want to possess my account back. Is it possible?

Hierarchy Magazine – They (Facebook) will request some personal information but since you’re far away you have to produce those details in chat.

Victim – No problem, he said.

Then the victim sent in all personal information required while we initiated the retrieval of his Facebook account. In few minutes we succeeded in bringing down the account but not in retrieving it as Facebook noted that they have to get back to him via his active email address regarding the next call of action.

Battle line drawn between scammers and victim

As we, Hierarchy Magazine, pressed forward to unravel how the whole episodes started it was discovered that another friend’s Facebook account was used to introduce a money-doubling platform to the victim, in fact, the friend was a Pastor and trusted fellow to the victim, thus, the victim thought that he was actually chatting with the owner of the Facebook account.

Without verification he did not know that the Facebook account which he was chatting with has also be scammed and hacked, in a nutshell, he entered their traps in the course of chatting.

They (the victim and the scammers) had agreed that the victim’s investment and its 100% profit would arrive in two hours, therefore, the victim went around to borrow a sum of N45, 000 (Forty Five Thousand Naira) which he sent it into this account details: Muhammed Hawa, 3153720098, First Bank. Upon confirmation of the transaction by the scammers the victim’s nightmare started yet the unsuspecting man flowed with them hoping that his money would yield N90, 000 in a while.

Alas! He had been deceived but they did not stop there. They pressed him to release his Facebook account log in username and password which they then used to change his account log-in information immediately, while he was logged out from the account itself – he lost control and only then was his eyes opened that he has entered one chance, a Nigerian parlance used to describe the experiences of people who are victims of robbery, kidnapping and scamming.

Crying for help!

Like the author of Your wilderness experience, Tunde Morenigbade, who has been victim of metropolitan robberies in Lagos State, Nigeria – explained, the moment a victim of one chance realises that he/she has been entrapped all that remains in him/her is survival instinct: I want to be free; I want to escape this mess, thus, the victim is left with strategies to gain his/her freedom either through corporation (which is often the best in a situation where the incident happens live), run for his/her dear life or struggle with the scammers/kidnappers and robbers – this last option is so dangerous.

Upon confirmation of all the developments we, Hierarchy Magazine, with our knowledge of IT swung into actions to rescue our client and to uncover the truth about the development in order to guide against defamation of character on the part of the accused, hence, we got the so-called scammer’s mobile number and initiated a discussion.

Before heading to the details, our client who was their victim had expressed his worries to Ecobank Nigeria (the victim’s domiciled bank) and the First Bank of Nigeria Plc (the scammer’s domiciled bank) of which the end result was to inform and involve the Nigerian Police – end of discussions it appears because, for the client and victim, he realised that going to the police would cost him more to retrieve his fund and to arrest the scammer; he bailed out!

Then he accepted that he has lost the money but resolved to warning his friends, colleagues and family members to be weary of money-doubling involvement, as well as, to shun any requests for financial help from his hacked Facebook account (before it was pulled down).

We chatted, the same message that scammed the victim was sent over

After exchanging pleasantries with the supposedly scammer we went straight to discuss business but the money-doubling was not brought up immediately. The account instead started to introduce a kind of exchange to our representative.

Hierarchy Magazine – I got your information and investment business from Mr. Oluwaseyi. Can you please give me details of how it works?

The Accused – Yes my dear you are welcome. About  the exchange?

Hierarchy Magazine – Yes.

The Accused – Okay. We do exchange of tbc to cash, where are you chatting from?

Hierarchy Magazine – Lagos.

The Accused – Okay you’re welcome. We exchange on Kringle for #4000. Before you can  do your  exchange  there are some  rules  and regulations  you will need to  follow.

Hierarchy Magazine – Okay like what? I meant what are the rules?

Series of WhatsApp calls followed the above chats, but all thanks to bad network we could not do voice call, as a result we reverted to chatting.

The Accused – Before you can do your exchange you are going to first make  a registration  and will cost you  5k and  it will  last you for 6 months. This period of 6months you are going  to be making your exchange  with out registration free.

Our representative sensing that he was not getting what he expected then let the cat out of the bag by sending one of the broadcasts received from the victim after which the so-called scammer responded.

The Accused – Are you tuking Abut jamalife global helpers investment platform? Jamalife global helpers investment  is a platform where you can invest in a certain amount of money and get double back in less than 2hours of your investment. With this platform.

Then barrage of messages began to troop in, another maga was ready to pay! Unfortunately, the case is different this time, the Hierarchy Magazine’s representative was interested in mining information in order to avoid siding with a victim who could have been a dissatisfied client to the accused but the victim’s narrations were being proven to be true.

Videos and text broadcasts were sent to hasten decision from our representative, however, since the representative was not out for business there was an intentional delay. Scammers appreciate timeliness a lot they will always want to push you into making decisions (in their favour) now!

Busted! The cat is finally let out of the bag…

Six hours after the first discussion on business exchange, our representative, wanting to explain that there is restriction to go ahead with the transaction revealed to the scammer that the referrer (the victim) has called to order and for caution in dealing with Jamalife Global Helpers Investment Platform because of unsavoury experience of the past.

Proofs of allegations leveled against the accused were then sent over but there has been no rebuffing or acceptance of the allegations up to the point of writing this report. Perhaps, the accused would later debunk the allegation we will be glad to report further to you (our readers) on this development, until then you should keep reading from Hierarchy Magazine.

Although, the Jamalife Investment might be a real deal going on, but this particular person is a scam disguising with Jamalife and it could also be that the entire Jamalife is a scam. Either way, we will bring you reports on further development on this. This is because a visit to shows that this could be a legal organisation that is into multi-level marketing but whose image is being used by fraudsters to dupe unsuspecting members of the public.

You may also read Protecting your reputation in the online world which guides against this kind of experience (in the hands of fraudsters).

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