Editor’s Note: Do not sink with present tides (Aug-Oct, 2020)

Here is to a new month, a month none of us alive had walked before, yet, we are here and we should treat it as a rear privilege. A rear privilege because we are alive knowing that many people were already dead this year.

At least, if you did not have a record of death on someone close to you; you sure had seen how many deaths have so far been recorded since the outbreak of #COVID19 till date: the record, at the present, surges past 600, 000. Therefore, be thankful to God that you are yet among the living.

If you would take stock of your life you would realise that your daily upkeep is not just by your doing: God has been the One taking care of you and your household. The financial pressure (all over the world) is enough to cause any human to become overwhelmed by life and responsibilities but here we are!

While situations might not be the same across all countries of the world, one foe remains a threat at the present, and that is the novel corona virus (19). However, it is glaring that protracted lockdown will not bring timely solution, rather, it would increase the people’s sufferings, thus, governments all over the world now allow people to move freely with partial restrictions on certain human activities. In the face of this #pandemic many of us still remain healthy.

Has it ever crossed your mind that you may have, actually, come in contact with this ravaging virus and, yet, you are not sick or dead? It is likely that many of us have had contacts with the disease but to not be affected by it can only be by a force that is beyond human wisdom – that force is none other but God!

The truth remains that for the major parts of this year many plans have been adversely affected by the ravaging virus, financial pressure and indebtedness may have increased for certain people, while others have become redundant because their fields of work are still under restrictions; at the same time, some others are having headways – so many imbalances right now. Notwithstanding, my dear reader you are not a looser until you agree that you are one.

Permit me to greet you happy new month at this junction, it is overdue, but the fact that I did not greet you formally from beginning does not reduce the quality of your life right? Great, now the fact that the major parts of this year has not panned in favour of your expectations does not mean that the remaining days, weeks and months of the year cannot produce results for you.

For the remaining parts of this year, you can still achieve great feats! To this end you cannot lose your hope, because if you lost hope then your strength will be punctured and you might suffocate yourself before the end of the race. Yes, people will talk about you; tongues will wag but what many can do is to mock and not help. So you got to maintain your focus.

You have no business comparing yourself with another person. Even if you were in the same industry or organisation do not rate your life on the scale of another man’s achievements: your purposes, visions, strengths, personalities, opportunities, connections, motivations, drives, values and time are not the same. Rather, begin to look within in order to discover the cause(s) of your challenges so that you can have solutions.

Before I wrap this up, my dear reader, please do not let government’s policies be the major conductor of your life. Many people in government are not out to look for your good but for themselves, therefore, I urge you to let God and godly values be the motivation behind all your actions. In addition, try as much as possible to be in-charge of your mind; do not lose your peace, alright? Do not give the control of your mind and decision making ability to another man unless you want to, truly, live in perpetual regrets and failure through life.

It is never too late to become your dreams. With much love from me, please enjoy the rest of your day.

Yours Truly,
Emmanuel Oladipo.
(+234) 815 3745 017 (SMS, WhatsApp only).
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