Editor’s Note: Issue 18 of Hierarchy Magazine – Feb’ 2021

Hello lovelies, compliment of the season. How are you doing, how is this post COVID19 year going for you already?

To be candid, this edition of Hierarchy Magazine is long in the coming but I thank God, in heaven, that we are finally and fully back after a tumultuous business journey between November 2019 and December 2020: wow, our sustenance has been God alone.

As you may well know, Hierarchy Magazine is a Nigerian based publication with an international perspective. To this end, it suffice me to say that the politically induced struggle in Nigeria is a major contributor to why we went aground in these past days. Nigeria is going through a political crisis as never witnessed before and the crisis is ravaging every facet of life.

Without mincing word, politics dictate the pace of development in any clime but instead of having development in Nigeria our politicians are causing the giant of Africa to retrogress. It is time we changed all known bad public servants!

Nigerians, especially the teeming youths are not lazy but productive set of people. Majority of our public servants are just the bad eggs among us because their interests are not on how to better the lots of a common man on the street but how to remain in power despite their apparent incompetence. Nigerians are resilient and intelligent people – when you look at various Nigerians who are doing great, internationally, you would agree with me that Nigeria (as a country) has great potentials to relegate some first-world countries to third-world countries to secure its place as a ‘super power’ in the Committee of Nations.

Unfortunately, our corrupt politicians and inordinate government institutions will not allow the greatness of the most populous black nation to emerge; they would rather connive with external players to keep sowing discord, destabilising the country by dividing the citizenry along ethnic and religious lines while enriching themselves and impoverishing the masses.

Not in a hurry should we forget the 2020 power play against the youths who were demanding a reformation of Nigeria for the benefits of all through the nationwide #EndSARS protests; the present Federal Government of Nigeria under President Muhammad Buhari and the Lagos State Government under Governor Babajide Sanwoolu – using state security apparatus, murdered protesting youths in cold blood on October 20, 2020 (the case is now before the International Criminal Court of Justice, ICCJ, which will determine whether protesting youths were killed or not).

The Nigerian army was also reported to have murdered youths in cold blood in the South-South Region between 2020 and early 2021, in the guise of dislodging fighters of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, as well as looking for the hideouts of Eastern Security Network, ESN, which was floated by Nnamdi Kanu while marauding Fulani herdsmen pillage towns and villages without concrete interventions from the government; state governors with public figures are holding meetings with bandits and terrorists that are wasting both members of the Nigerian security as well as civilians.

Is this not a messed-up situation when arm wielding criminals are at the roundtable with government while protesting youths are murdered and intimated by state security personnel?

It appears that government uner the All Progressive Congress, APC, is rulership by the fist and not by the rule of law. Now there is ongoing grassroots mobilisation strategy ahead of the 2023 General Elections – how should we forget in a hurry and bring back, into power, the party that murders the future of our dear country?

APC is reeled with lies, neither is any political party in Nigeria a cohort of saints but then APC’s lies and incompetence stink to the heavens. Whatever the party touches usually retrogresses more than it progresses, and seeing that Nigerians are already weary of their unproductive leadership of the nation they want to silence opposing voices by all means. Little wonder that ‘protest’ which is a fundamental human right and enshrined in the Nigerian constitution is now treated as an unwritten code (that could allow government to act against it as if citizens are not aware of its existence).

The rule of law is dying an irrecoverable death in Nigeria and human rights lawyers are becoming streamlined daily. Do we only have Femi Falana, Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN) in the country now? Where are other human rights fighters for God’s sake?

What is happening in the law chambers in Nigeria? Why do lawyers allow impunity to be the order of the day in this country without dragging someone to the court so that other government representatives can sit tight?

Fellow Nigerians, irrespective of what we are witnessing in our dear country – I call on you all, especially, youths to keep fighting for the rescue of Nigeria out of the hands of our self-acclaimed public servants, majority of who are, only, serving their own desires.

Whatever you have the privilege to handle, please use it as an opportunity to set good examples. Never allow Nigerian government to break your spirit; never allow circumstances to make you lose your positivity – there is, certainly, light at the end of the tunnel for us all.

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I wish to, also, inform you that from this edition, onward, you are in for an interesting ride with Hierarchy Magazine. I promise you titbit of articles that are focused on the national life of our dear nation (for transformation) as well as articles that uphold the dignity of human person. Kindly journey with us; I will like to read your thoughts in the comments section for every article published, henceforth.

May I use this opportunity to thank everyone that had subscribed to our magazine (during our silent periods). You have all motivated us to never give up on our drive regarding this publication, God bless you. Please you can use my contact information below: I will be glad to hear from you, blessings.

Until next edition, I wish you and your loved ones bliss in all your endeavours.


Emmanuel Oladipo,

Editor, Hierarchy Magazine.

oladipoemmanuelolayinka@olemedge.com; editor@olemedge.com.

(+234) 07013289600; 08153745017.

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